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Website creation

The sites are created by selecting professional hosting, which guarantee safe and high-performance databases, to allow quick site navigation and make the user experience pleasant and functional.

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Websites restyling

Do you already have a website but it is old and malfunctioning?
Request a graphic and/or functional restyling, the professionalism with which the site will be reprogrammed will guarantee a growth in users and visibility, thanks also to seo implementation techniques.

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The dynamic site allows the customer to independently modify the texts thanks to an administration panel, while the static site can only be modified via email request.
The cost of the dynamic site is higher, but this does not necessarily mean higher quality and security, in fact, if the site you want does not need a blog section, we recommend a static website, which is more performing, secure and better indexed by search engines.

If you have chosen a dynamic site, the texts can be changed independently, through an administration panel.
If you have chosen a static site, you just need to request the desired changes via email.
In the annual payment of € 500 also includes the 24/24 assistance of a programmer for the change of texts and/or images, if needed.

The cost of programming the site, which is a one-time expense, and an annual cost of 500 € (optional) which includes: 24/24 assistance and plug-in updates.

Based on the specific needs of the Customer, if desired, it is possible to agree on customized payment methods, but usually 2 payment installments are provided: a deposit equal to 50% of the entire value upon acceptance and/or signature of the quote/contract (optional) ; the remaining 50% upon delivery of the work.

Of course, there is great flexibility from this point of view.

If the work should be canceled after the contract has been signed, will keep the deposit paid.
If the cancellation is requested after the work has been completed (more than 7 working days from the signing of the contract) a penalty equal to 30 % of the final balance, in addition to the deposit.

The contract is a free choice of the customer, but in the event that he wishes the relationship to be governed by a contract, he must necessarily have a digital signature in order to validate it.

In the event that there are subsequent requests for new features not present in the initial agreement, there may be increases in the price, but only with the agreement of both parties, in case of no agreement the previous agreement will remain valid.

Everything is done online, without the need for meetings or phone calls.

It is very difficult to get the first position on Google, and often even impossible, Google in assigning the position of a site on a search engine takes into account more than a thousand variables and some of these variables do not depend on the quality of programming, for example For example, a site that has a domain registered long before the others will have a competitive advantage, so the sooner the site is requested, the more likely it will be to be first compared to those who request it in subsequent years.

The customer holds full rights of economic use on the site and on the files (images and texts) that compose it, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The customer can request at any time (eg in case of change of maintainer and / or provider) a backup of the database and all the photographic material. The source files and those of the CMS remain the exclusive property of and are not transferred for any reason.

1) Write the texts with the description of your business and save them in a single file (pdf, word or txt of your choice).
2) Buy a web space (single domain hosting) and a domain at Aruba business .
3) Fill out this module .

If you have an old and malfunctioning site, and you want to renew it as graphics and / functionality you will have to request it through this form , you will receive a quote via email and you can decide whether to continue with the request based on your needs.

Each site is a world unto itself, so it is difficult to say how long it takes to program it if you do not first know the features and the number of pages, on average for a showcase site it takes about a month.

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